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I went over board this weekend copping kicks. So Im gonna sell some on the reseller market. I used to hate resellers, until I realized the only way to stay in the "Sneaker game" is to play along. It makes no sense to wait in line for an hour, then when you reach the cashier your size is sold out. You can do two things, leave or buy an item in another size to sell/trade so you can get your size on the aftermarket.

I am a Karmaloop rep also (Repcode Kalik), so as my reselling venture progresses I will start selling T-shirts, and jackets and men's clothing that I acquire from Karmaloop. But never wore. Everything is deadstock, new, never even tried on. They make us cash out our rep points more frequently now, so I have to do this or lose points.

First up, Galaxy Nike sneakers that dropped All-Star Weekend in Orlando. Check out my Big Cartel Store - Ovaboard

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