El Padrino - Duffles

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Solid video from El Padrino... This video and track, should break Padrino in the States. If not, with all the island country shout outs. I'm sure he gonna noticed somewhere.

People think reggae and soca, from the islands. We got rap talent too. Some rappers talk about slangin nicks and dimes. Most Bahamians talk Duffles, when they talk about shit. Either its shipping out to Miami, or moving it further down the island chain. I don't know anyone that hasn't had a family member not affected by tryna make some paper off of it.

Everyone has heard of Dudus in Jamaica... who knows about Ninety from Bahamas? I aint tryna brag on who had a bigger drug ring. But sometimes you get tired of Jamaica representin the entire West Indies. No hate much love for Yard. But look what happened when NY was the only thing you heard of in rap, then the West Coast and the South spoke up. It's time for Bahamian stories (through music) to be heard. If people love the drug stories, as they do in rap and movies like Blow, Scarface, etc then let us tell em.

How many rappers have mentioned Bahamas, in their lyrics? Too many to fuckin count... and I tried at one time. How many videos showed us running shit into Miami? Big shit happens in this lil country... (read more here)

Enjoy the track, I will be bumpin this for awhile.

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