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Every new game season the coach switches up the roster. Just like in the NBA or NFL, free agents come along, trades are made and a team is formed. Some dudes have a deep bench. Some rely on one star franchise player (monogamy). BUT any way you slice it it's the dating game.

Since my divorce, I have found my self back in the dating world. 2010 was rough I was a new expansion team and all the veteran teams had their squads. I had to learn quick where to find eligible women that were down to visit my "conditioning training" performance evaluations.

First I tried the bar club scene. Which didn't work out for me except for a few quick scrimmage games. Then I tried the social sites. You can, recruit from your friends on Facebook or try OKCupid, or Plenty of Fish. They all work. Tip - Don't use Twitter them broads is crazy and LOVE attention. Eventually I started to attract new players to my team, either thru word of mouth, or thru friends.

Eventually I found my star athlete. My franchise player... and so far her performance all around has been spectacular, and she has made many highlight reels. If her performance declines, I can honestly say I won't trade her but just keep training her. The imposing performance graduates with my highlight. It's up to her how long she wants to stay on my team.

Hopefully she won't retire early.

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