Buju Banton - Free pending retrial

| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, November 12, 2010

A little over a month after a jury deadlocked in his trial, Jamaican superstar reggae singer Buju Banton left jail today after a judge ordered his release under strict conditions.
Buju Banton, had been behind bars since his arrest in December 2009. A federal judge declared a mistrial Sept. 27 after jurors couldn't agree on a verdict. Banton is scheduled to be tried again in February.
"We're thrilled that Buju will have some time to regroup before we try this case again," defense attorney David Oscar Markus said.
As a condition of Banton's release, his friend Stephen Marley, a musician and son of reggae icon Bob Marley, posted $300,000 worth of equity in his South Florida home. (I am still unclear why, because Buju has the money Im am sure, and he also owned a Tampa home himself)
Under the terms of Banton's bond, he must pay a private security detail to guard him so he doesn't flee. He also was required to sign an extradition waiver, ensuring his return if he does flee the country, and will have to wear an electronic monitoring device.

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