FREE Buju Banton - They not feeding Rasta his ital food.

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Buju Banton is still in Pinellas county jail awaiting his trial on cocaine distribution / conspiracy. I was reading the local newspaper yesterday and saw an article on him.

I am going to preface these quotes by addressing one point, they mentioned Ital food as a fruit and veggie diet strictly. Ital food is more than just a vegetarian/vegan diet. It doesn't allow salt and preservatives, and some Rasta may eat fish. I am not sure if Buju eats fish though...

From Grammy-nominated reggae singer Buju Banton is being treated "inhumanely" in the Pinellas County Jail as he awaits trial on federal drug charges, his lawyer said in a court filing. Because he "had the audacity to share his food with another inmate," Banton was placed Thursday in a maximum security wing where he is unable to prepare the vegetarian diet he requires for religious purposes, according to defense attorney David Oscar Markus.

Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tom Nestor said Banton was disciplined because he was "using food as currency." He said inmates are told such behavior is prohibited. Markus is asking a federal judge to release his client on bail. Failing that, Markus requested that Banton be moved to a "non-maximum security" wing. He said Banton's "mental and physical health has been rapidly deteriorating," and that the transfer has hindered his ability to prepare for his April 19 trial.

Banton, who is from Jamaica, previously had been allowed to prepare his own food using items purchased in the commissary. He "is now in a maximum security wing for caring enough to offer food to another inmate who was hungry, and genuinely believing there was nothing wrong in doing so," Markus wrote. Markus said his client "is being punished for who he is." He said the transfer decision was made by a corporal "who has had it out for Mr. Myrie during his entire stay."


The 2nd quote from TBT newspaper was: Attorney David Markus filed an emergency motion for bond Monday, claiming Banton has lost 40 pounds and not been provided with a diet in accordance with his religious views. The 36-year-old, Jamaican born singer is a Rastafarian, a religion that places importance on a vegetable- and fruit based diet.

Excuse the "Cannabis Cup" from the Youtube video, I wanted to use this great song but couldn't find it elsewhere. Rasta is not just about "smoking weed" as some people think.

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