Lil Wayne - Tear Drop Tune Part 3

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I had to listen to a Weezy mixtape today; February 9, 2010 is the start date for Lil Wayne's 1 year prison bid. He is one of the most respected artists doing it at the moment. So what will a year of no Wayne be like? Or what will a year in Rikers be like for Wayne? MTV ran an article on that here.

Quote: Lil Wayne's life revolves around a daily regime of "SportsCenter," studio time and sweets. But on Tuesday (February 9), the Cash Money lyricist will be formally sentenced to prison after he struck a plea deal with Manhattan prosecutors stemming from a 2007 arrest in New York on gun charges. After he officially enters his plea, the rapper is expected to then turn himself in immediately to begin a one-year jail sentence.

Not since Tupac has such an accomplished and relevant MC faced an impending prison term. But will the lithe New Orleans rapper survive the daunting conditions at the notorious Rikers Island facility? -- read more HERE

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