Until I got that Thug Life tatted on my chest.... [Tiger Woods]

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The media is making Tiger Woods into a thug, see Vanity Fair's cover below (edit - I say thug because his portrayal is no longer professional Golf star, but a Pimp). So I had some fun with photoshop. Keep ya head up Tiger. I heard about you ordering 20 bottles of Vodka and a case of Redbull up to your hotel room, and having 3 chicks sent over. Guess you like them Redbull and Vodkas? Tupac had his own drink Thug Passion and maybe you'll have your own one day. I know if Pac was alive he'd defend ya, he had his womanizing case and he stuck up for Mike Tyson...

Tiger Woods + Thug Life =

How long till you see this 'chop elsewhere?
Click the pic to hear Tupac's So Many Tears!

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