T-Gim [Ovados] - Take it to the Street

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I've been listening to Ovados (T-Gim, Mo Gutta Game, Sonny Crack) about a decade now. They rep St. Petersburg, Florida and have some of the most thought provoking / funny / goon tracks. Think of Plies in a NWA style group... I know it may sound like a strange mix but I like it. Take it to the Street is the latest from local Tampa Bay rapper T-Gim. The video has extra fluff before the song which is a waste IMO, but the song itself is solid.

Here's Ovados' Soundclick page, I recommend Trac-Phone (non slowed), Judgement Babylon, Get Yo Cash Out and I Gotcha Spinnaz (I used to kill that one). Plus with them jackin most southern cats beats for a decade... you might find one you like.

*Warning the 1st track on Soundclick aint working, just skip it*

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