Saving Hip Hop - 2009 edition

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I started doing a Saving Hip Hop once a week but put it off because so much newcomers, rookies, freshmen, whatever you wanna call the young upcoming rappers were getting my attention. So for overall who saved hip-hop in 2009. I'm gonna have to give it to all the rookies... I put anyone in this category that released a mixtape, album.. did a few shows and wasn't on some bullshit, that I personally enjoyed.

Wale, Curren$y, Pill, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa (not a true rookie), Jay Electronica, Young Money (group), Drake and Nikki Minaj (standouts of YM), Chip tha Ripper, Young LA (not sure if he was a new rapper, but wasn't on my radar til Summer 09, and him and Dro held down the fort while TI did his bid), Black Dada (bias Florida newcomer).... way more to list.

One day I hope these newcomers become veterans and make the most of it. One day they too can be a part of this caricature of hip-hop history...

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