Poker face, Poker face 2010...

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After hearing the Poker Face chant from Gaga, Cudi and others in 2009, I'm gonna try my hand at Full Tilt Poker in 2010. I'm too old now to get in the NBA (and suck at bball also)...But Poker you can get that money at any age. For the people that don't know me, I grew up in The Bahamas and always wanted to play in the casinos. Now I live in Tampa and we have some BIG Poker places, like the Hard Rock Casino and the dog tracks.

I'm going to go hard in this card game / sport. Full Tilt is the best way to play online, and they are giving you FREE money up to $600 to play with... Wish me some luck. This is one of my short list of resolutions... This falls under the you have to take risks category, so I don't look back and wish I did when I'm old. If all else fails, my strip poker game should be much better....

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