Lil Wayne is Black Jesus?

| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 05, 2010

On the upcoming Freakniks show by T-Pain. Wayne was casted as the voice of Jesus and will be in a parody music video titled "Ghetto Commandments"

Quote - "Basically it was a Black Spring Break that went down in Atlanta and got shut down back in '98 or '99. So the show is going to resurrect that, and it's going to be starring T-Pain and Lil' Wayne and all these other artists like David Banner and some other dudes," said Adult Swim creative director Jake Escobedo about the show. "It's all drawn, and T-Pain plays the ghost of spring break, the Spirit of Freaknik. He brings this party back to Atlanta and the artists have done all this music for it, and it's amazing," he added.

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