Happy New Years!!

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Woke up with the worst hangover I have had all year (I kid, I kid.. it's bad slight stomach pain, but its only day 1 baby). It's cot'damn 2010... I'm pissed at the 80's movies man. No hoverboards, no cyborg police, no flying cars, we did get the Star Trek (bluetooth/cellphone) and computer shit though.. Overall I say we have about 33% of what the 80's movies promised us. THANK GOD (whichever deity you prefer) we didn't get any apocalyptic shit like some movies were saying.

Anyway, another year down and my resolutions for 2009 are over, I think I did most. For 2008 I got them all done (shakes dreads I started in Nov. 2007)... Hopefully the short list I have for 2010 is easy. Already started working on some of them. The hard part is sticking with it around March, shit or even as late as July, if you get that far the 2nd half of the year is easy because it is a part of your daily routine.

Just washed my locks because of the smell of cigarettes (other people) when in crowded areas. So as I came out I said, I'mma watch Shottas (2nd best hood movie of the last decade, #1 Baby Boy) so that's what I'm doing... Have a good year people. If you can take 1 line from Bigs from this movie, "Today, we rich!". Make that day everyday.

RIP to all the friends and family I have known that didn't make it to 2010.

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