DMX - My Last Words

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DMX is the rapper the media loves to hate. I've seen this dude on everything from COPS chase footage to him wildin out on security guards. Going in and out of prison and his drug problems.  Dr. Drew would love him (no homo) on some celebrity intervention type show.

After Biggie and Pac died in mid-90's... to me hip hop was at a standstill. It wasn't until 1999, I heard X and his barking, dogs, thug, prayer, and religion influenced lyrics that I was like YES! He dropped multi-plat albums, two in one year and went on to do movies with Jet Li and the hood classic Belly. Also he had some of the grittiest, music videos I loved em with the Ruff Ryders and their sportbikes and ATVs tearing up NY.

What happened? People say crack.... I don't know his personal demons. But I do recommend buying some of his work if you don't have it. Arghhf Arghhff *corny but screw it*

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