DJ AM / DJ Premier - Dunks and AF 1's

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I showed the DJ AM dunks (click if you haven't seen pics) awhile back, but never showed the DJ Premier AF1's becuase I can't stand the feel of AF1's bulky soles. I hardly buy them or Jordan Fusions that use the same heavy sole. The pictures above are of this unique AF1 that looks as good as any Bespoke Nikes I've seen. This East (DJ Premier) / West (DJ AM) combo is set to release on Jan. 9th at limited places, which means not in my area shit. Nike Sportswear already had one party a night ago at The 21 Mercer in NY. In the twitpic below, I guess they presold some already. The boxes had sticky notes on em with who they were reserved for. You can preorder from Kix-Files prices are between $155-$170 based on your size (found em on Kix-Files even has a timer on went the shipment is leaving Hong Kong, nice touch. For the same price of a Jordan Fusion you could get some heat.

21 Mercer - Preorders ?

DJ AM x Nike Dunk / DJ Premier x Nike Air Force 1 - Launch Pa... on Twitpic

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