Body Scanning... yeah, thats too much.

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My earliest travel memories of flying as a child were waking up early. Getting dressed in my BEST clothing, headed to the airport in the early morning (Mom only booked 1st flights out). I'd be so sharp possibly in my Sunday Best as a lil kid. As I grew to a teen, it toned down to just dressing well... But now I go to the airport in as little as possible. Sweat Pants (loose and comfortable), my Jordan Brand flip flops and white socks (tired of taking shoes off an on), and a white tee.

But I might as well just show up nekkid now. These new Bodyscan machines are gonna be showing my junk to all of TSA anyway. If its a fine TSA woman (like them young bubble gum chomping Latinas in certain airports in Florida) I'm gonna have to make eye contact with them and wink before I step in that machine, cuz I'm proud like that. If it's a dude... damn, don't even wanna go there.

Seriously how much money was spent on these Bodyscan machines? Kalik could rig one up in a day from home depot.... Just give some 2x4's and sheetrock (drywall) and I'd make a lil booth, with a peep hole (dressing room sized) with a sign go inside and get nekkid... I mean its the same thing right?

Well these Bodyscan machines may be an invasion of privacy and may even go as far as violating child laws (nekkid children)... you can read about that on

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