Young Money feat. Lloyd - “Bed Rock”

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Feeling this joint. Everyone is comparing Young Money to Junior Mafia, a group of new artists under the guidance of one of raps elite (Lil Wayne / Notorius BIG). This is their current single, and it's getting heavy rotation on the local radio station, which I am forced to listen to when I forget my mp3 player home on my commute to work. Nicki kills her verse, finally a new female rapper, I don't mind listening to. The last ones were Foxy and Lil Kim in the mid-90's (sorry Trina, Khia, Jackie-O and anyone else). Tyga, Gudda and Drake hold it down also... Wayne's line "cuz I'm attracted to her, with her attractive ass!" reminds me of someone *winks*

I was hoping at least one of the Young Money crew would be wearing the Nike Big Nike High "Flintstones" at the video shoot (below) though... I didn't see it. Tyga did have some Flintstone tiger pajamas on though (no homo)

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