When these unknown rappers gonna learn?

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1. Don't feature a known rapper on your track if you can't keep up with em.

2. Don't let your homies up in the video, just standing around staring at you, huggin you.. the shit looks mad homo.

3. If you hiring video hoes... get some decent ones. Some that makes the viewers at least look at them for a bit.

Here's a prime example, of know rapper "Gucci Mane" outshining some unknown dude. Shit he may big in East Atlanta as he is shouting them out on the hook, but outside of there, we don't know you mane. Also your homie in the brown is dancing like this a snap track, but you acting like its a hard trap track.. which is it? Next your other homie, in the red is staring at you and licking his lips...man you should have edited that out. Then of the 3 video girls 1 is cute (latina)... the blonde looks like a leftover Becky, Gucci borrowed from Plies... at least the concept of her rapping his lyrics made me laugh. At least Gorilla Zoe didn't rap as he would have murked this dude too, I think they invited Zoe on the shoot to have some bling in the video.

The only redeeming quality of the video is the quality... It's clean as hell. Can't wait for more videos to look so clean and fresh on the computer. I hardly watch TV now, and if everything I bootlegged was like this and super clear. I'd damn near cancel my cable. And no this aint hating... this 100% real talk. Wondered what the director made ($$$) for this shit. Can't wait for a mixtape DJ to lift this Gucci verse (especially the Nike lines) and cut everything else out.

Kollosus - Settin' Standards (feat. Gucci Mane)

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