Snitches get stitches OR was it riches?

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For the snitches out there this seems like a good move ( I don't condone that behavior ). Snitch on your boss at work and get paid, if they use pirated software.

Quote - "... rat him/her out to the Business Software Alliance for software piracy violations. Until the end of the year, tipsters can receive about $32,000 — double the standard payout, under the latest reincarnation of the so-called “Nail your boss” campaign. The caveat is that this high-priced program is limited to the London area...."

.... Sorry snitches who got excited, that live stateside or in the islands... NO MONEY FOR YOU!

But you informers still can enjoy a good snitch movie 'Armored'
The trailer of this movie is making my blood boil. This poor dude needs money to save his house and family. His friends set out to steal some money, put him on to the heist. Then he gets all soft and betrays them mid-crime because they shoot a cop. I hope he dies at the end of this one... I hope Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) or whomever he's playing in this flick kicks his ass on some slow motion Matrix shit.

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