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I mean seriously. I know Birdman aka Baby and Weezy F. Baby (his adopted son, they say)... loves getting inked up. I know that by now he prolly ran out of space to put a new one. But this has got to be the most ridiculous tattoo I have ever seen. First off, he already had this Red Star tatted on his neck over his Adam's apple. He must have forgot, so where else to put it so he never forgets but on top of his brain. I thought the Oil Rig one he got was horrible, but damn he went and topped it, literally.

All pics are clickable for extra info!

Baby's Piru Blood 5 Star Tat

Baby's "Bronald" Oil Rig Tat

Baby and Wayne cover of XXL

Now I always wanted sleeves. I wanted to do my right arm covered in Bahamian artwork and stuff related to my home country (the flag, ocean, even a flamingo) and my left arm to my 2nd home, United States (flag, highway signs, guns, cars etc). But after seeing Baby and Wayne, I never go... cuz if its addicting like everyone says it is. I don't want to even go there.

Kalik likes these styles.

V8 Automotive

Why I need to get in shape! (no homo) 

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