I mean real talk, gotta respect Plies...

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Plies (aka Algernod Washington) may act like a thug / goon when rapping. In reality, we know the Florida rapper is college educated (he dropped out though), very business savy and in 2009 he did some things that earned my respect. Shit word on the street is he speaks marvelous English, and only speaks in that southern hood slang when he's in rapper-mode.

Anyway Plies earned the points with me for:

1. He gave that fan his chain at the NBA game... (that's love, especially how some celebs act when someone asks for a measly autograph)

2. Paid those parents $1,000 dollars top take their kid home and leave his concert... (wow, imagine a rapper saying hey wait a minute, that girl in the audience is too young to hear me talking this ignant shit)

2 and 1/2. He always throwing "big face hunnids" in the crowds at his concerts... (this can cause a riot and may be used for braggin making it rain rights so not a full point of respect)

3. Finally, Plies just gave a chick a college degree (well she has to go to school and earn it), but he's paying her way thru.

*daps Plies, and bumps hunnid years and does  the head nod out of here*

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