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I'm loving this Muziic site. Anything that helps me get, manage and sort thru thousands of music, videos, and artist catalogues  I like and for FREE gets *two thumbs up* from me.

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Major record labels have been hoping that music videos will become the best way to make free music pay, for the simple reason that is easier to advertise to people watching videos than to those just listening. Those plans could spring a leak, thanks to a new site called Muziic. It gives fans access to millions of free songs on YouTube and the label-backed Vevo video service, without them having to see any pesky embedded ads. The service also bypasses labels’ annoying country-by-country restrictions that ignore the fact that the internet is global.

“Our integration of Vevo content reflects how many (myself included) felt should have been,” said 16-year-old Muziic co-founder and CTO David Nelson by e-mail. “Examining user feedback for Vevo on Twitter and in the blogosphere was a big factor in its design.”

Indeed, some music fans will prefer Muziic’s slick interface to Vevo and YouTube, but the company’s promise to deliver this music worldwide “without obtrusive video advertisements” could prove more alluring.

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