FREE Buju update - The U.S.A. vs Buju

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The affidavit has been released from the DEA agent who nabbed Buju Banton. It's a good read, and I feel bad for Buju. Realistically I have no clue why he was buying (or attempting to purchase) narcotics. I watched his career over my lifetime from I was 11 in 1991 till now. I've attended many of his concerts, before the gay boycotts from Cali to Florida of 2009. I am sure the loss of tour money dipped into your cash flow, but I hope you didn't turn to coke sales to keep your lifestyle afloat.

I am a true fan of Buju Banton... I am disappointed if everything written HERE in this document is correct. I had you as the #2 reggae ambassador behind Bob Marley, in my eyes. Every person has their favorite artist and you were one of mine... I have so many memories set to the tunes of your music.

Hope it is a fallacy and you beat the case. - Jah bless!

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