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Buju Banton has assembled a top–notch legal team to defend him against charges of intent to distribute cocaine, five kilos or more. A statement released by the artist’s record label, Gargamel Music Incorporated, indicates that the artist will be represented by David Oscar Markus, who has been involved in several high profile drug cases. In an interview with online magazine, the president of Gargamel, Traci McGregor, was quoted as saying, “This is Buju and we’re going to get him the top legal representation there is. We are ready to fight”. She also urged people to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty.

Buju has waived his right to a bail hearing and therefore remains incarcerated  in Tampa and could receive up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Many comments circulating on the Internet indicate a common belief that the charges are trumped up in part due to his conflicts with gay rights activists, who accuse him of promoting violence against gays in his music. The controversy stems from a song written and performed by Buju over 15 years ago called “Boom Bye Bye”. The current negative publicity is overshadowing what had been a good year for the artist, with critical acclaim for Rasta Got Soul, a conscious reggae album that promotes his Rastafari beliefs, and a Grammy nomination for the project.

*Buju hope 2010 see you a free man - Kalik*

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