Diggy – The First Flight Mixtape... (Sorry JoJo)

| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, December 03, 2009

So the Simmons sisters are doing their thing, have their own show and shoe line. The younger bro Russell, is just being a kid enjoying life. Diggy out of the blue (to me, I don't follow the show, and he is not in my radar elsewhere) surprised me and dropped a mixtape. Lil dude just murked his big bros dream... Jojo will now be stuck washing cars and living in Run's poolhouse for the next few years. Does JoJo even have a backup plan?

Diggy's  tape "The First Flight" is going straight on my sons mp3 player. It reminds me of a mixture of a Kid Cudi / Kanye / Wiz Khalifa album to me. If you have kids that need some clean music download it. (I haven't heard any cussin on it, but I may be oblivious to it). Honestly, he may make it in the industry... JoJo = NoGo

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