Deion Sanders - Air Diamond Turf (retro)

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Nike is releasing in 2010 my 2nd Holy Grail shoe of my child-hood the Deion Sanders Air Diamond Turf. The 1st pair of shoes I bought on my own (that costed over $100) were the Bo Jackson 34's in the seventh grade (1992), got them in Miami, I mentioned awhile back. In 1994 I took a class trip to Philly and came back with these Air Diamond Turf. My friend Lebron who was also on my class trip copied me and bought a pair also... (I was heated).

I'm coppin.. must have for sentimental reasons. It's crazy that my 2 fave shoes from my youth are football shoes, and not basketball shoes like the Jordans. The rest of my Nikes as a teen were random stuff Terminators, Dunks, even ACG's and a pair of what we called Nike Chucks because they were canvas made like the Converse were.

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