Can't afford a G5, get an Icon A5...

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These 3 dudes are blocking that fine stewardess in the back.

So you aren't ballin on T.I.'s level... or Jiggamans. But hey they pay people to fly them around (and at over $5,000 an hour for a G5 chartered flight). They also pay chauffeurs to drive them in their Maybachs and Bentleys. We drive ourselves, so why not fly yourself. To get a sports license in Florida is affordable, I mentioned it before to my brother.

The Icon A5 is being released in 2011, for a measly $135,000 (yeah I know). But I'd take one of these over an RV. *Imagines himself flying to Nassau, doing lil runs here and there around Florida*, anyway back to reality if I win a lotto, get injured on the job and get some payout. I want one of these!

Check the videos and proceed to dream like the Wright Brothers did back in the day.

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