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Click Pic to see the whips and models "Maro Angels" of the Maro Boys

I wish my Bay area (Tampa Bay, FL) had a huge muscle car scene like Cali's Bay Area. The Florida scene is mostly tuners, high-risers (boxes, donks, bubbles), or cars just for music. Don't get me wrong we have clean cars, but I seem to be drawn to the Cali car clubs. In Florida it seems like every man is for himself, I used to visit Tampa Racing often (a tuner site) and now I read King Of The Street daily. While on KotS, I normally stay in the Cali fest just admiring their cars. From what I have seen in my area, there is no defined clubs that ride together or help with building or branding of clubs. Also 75%  of the cars, are show and no go.

Out in Cali one club that caught my eye is Maro Boyz. This crew as you can figure is mostly Camaros (a Corvette and a GTO also), and they do their thing big. Other Cali crews like Stangs Up, Street Actions also are on my radar... They attend the local sideshows, and put on a scene. These sideshows are impromptu sometimes, or planned events where they showboat their whips. I have come to love watching them on youtube and online video channels.

Quote: from Rides magazine - One thing in particular that stands out about Bay Area car culture is a love for restoring old cars. Their passion for perfection while doing so is intense enough to give the South a run for their money... And there’s no better place in the Bay to see the coolest whips than at sideshows: These impromptu car exhibitions originated in Oakland and have been going down in the surrounding inner cities since the mid-’80s. Every week, huge crowds gather and block off random intersections while car clubs and flossy individuals flex their flashy vehicular muscle for all to see. Chevelles, Mustangs, Cadillacs, Novas and damn near anything Buick produced back in the day will easily make the cut.

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