Wine plus what don't mix?

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*Sings* Blame it on the al-al-alcohol.. I have always known not to mix different alcohol, beer, rum, and gin, because that will have you praying to the porcelain gods in no time. I learnt that back in high school, at all the parties we had.

In this situation it was different, I wasn't mixing dranks. I was mixing wine with time management and work. I work a side job on the weekends. Saturday nights (Sun. morning) from 1:30am to around 6am. Sunday nights (Mon. morning) 2am to 5am.

My big cuz from Nassau came in town, whaddup Keith. He was chilling over at my others cuzzins house in central Tampa, I stay officially in West Pasco (about 45 minutes away). He gave me a call around 7:30 where he was. After shower and getting dressed, I headed out around 8, and arrived around 8:30. (R. Kelly and Rick Ross "Speedin").

We get there and for hours we are talking and drinking wine and catching up on old times. Every hour the beep on my G-shock, told me hey man ease up, you have to drive home soon. But we kept the bottles flowing. *Note I was not inebriated when I left - Don't drink & Drive people*

When I got home around 1am I was hoping I could take a 1 hour power nap. That shit did not work. I could not wake up last night for my side gig. I remember in out of sleep state, asking my wife to work it (she can cover for me). After much 1/2 sleep arguing between us, and someone from the side job calling at 3:15 asking when I was coming in. She went. (Thanks)

Now I can sleep, ahhhh. But I still have to get up at 6am to get ready for my career, the day job, the breadwinner. Nope couldn't get up, what was in that wine? Whatever it was it caught me hard. I just felt like ass, emailed my boss. Adjusted my time schedule by 2 hours and made it in for 10am.

So thats how my week is beginning... not so great. Let's see how it goes from here on out.
If you are reading my blog pray that I can eat lunch and keep it down. My stomach is killing me.

- Peace *looks in drawer for any medicine I have stashed*

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