Wale - Attention Deficit

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Another one of the greats from the FRESHMAN class of Hip-Hop. Waleborn as Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, reps DC hard. I mean you won't have to guess where this guy is from, he makes it known, as well as constant name-dropping of himself (Unlike Game who name drops everyone else in the industry). Wale is a sneakerhead - One of the premiers in the industry I think. He showed love to Nike Boots - ACG before (video), gave them a shoutout song last year, and I think that may be why he gets exclusive Nikes now (yes I'm jealous). NO HOMO - I do like Wale's style, we dress similar minus the jackets and vests he always wears, but I'm in Flawda, we never get cold here.

Jokes aside, Wale claims the new album’s moniker is in reference to a crumbling music industry that is producing whack, disposable tunes: “nobody pays attention and I’m trying to change it.” Fans were all over Twitter on Tues. (yes I follow @Wale) and it was surprising that a lot of Best Buy's, Target, and other retail joints either sold out, or didn't preorder enough. If you buy on Itunes though, you do get 3 bonus tracks.

Me being a net-assassin I don't buy albums (sorry RIAA) but I will support Wale if he makes it to Tampa Bay for a concert. Come thru Wale, fa real! For the others that do cop the CD for the nostalgia of cd jackets and liner notes, go out and buy it.

Album has been ripped and bootlegged, I'm sure you can find it somewhere.

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