UCB feat Wale - Pat Your Weave

| Posted in | Posted on Friday, November 13, 2009

I like this video (and song) a lot... the sexy girls look to be having fun in this one. This song could be a lil club banger, but I haven't heard it in the few spots I go to.

On another note when the video starts off, UCB and Wale are getting their dreads retwisted, and I'm happy that the lady that does mine, Michelle (edit - click HERE to see her work if you're in Tampa) is back in town. I'm telling you she must make good change doing dreads in Flawda, she was out in Vegas for a minute.

Anyway back to the song, my dreads are longer than some chicks hair at work, if they took them weaves out. "Sweatin out weaves, doing her thing... I care about you but not your wedding ring!"

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