Tried to win some money this morning...

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Bought a $10 scratch off - Monopoly

If you go online to your lottery for your state, you can see the odds. The more you pay $10 / $20 tickets the better your odds. So like roulette and blackjack have good odds in a casino, you should play the higher tickets... simple really. Odds on most $20 tickets are 1 in 3. 33% not shabby...

Did I win or did I lose? I broke even.. I won $10.

When I went to check the Odds, I realized they have one $30 scratch off.... hmmmm anyone want to go in with me?

And of course NEVER EVER play the $1 tickets.... If you get them for birthday or christmas. Tell the friend keep it and give you the $1. Then proceed to buy a Double Cheeseburger from Burger King. Have it your way!

Odds on the $30 ticket is 1 in 2.43

Odds On Most $20 Tickets are 1 in 2.95

Odds On Most $10 Tickets are 1 in 3.19

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