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If Florida doesn't get the high speed train going soon, this is also dope and should be considered.

In Europe they are testing "Road Trains" where cars line up and a lead car or bus, controls all of the other cars computers GPS and Cruise control remotely to drive em. You just pull up behind the bus on the highway, link up to the bus, and he will be doing the driving. That sounds sweet, also sounds like in the movies (Fifth Element, Star Wars, Minority Report, I Robot etc) when you see all the flying cars zipping around, I always wondered how'd they stay in a straight line.

The lead vehicle will be driven by an experienced motorist — it may even be a bus that regularly travels the route — while the functions of each following vehicle will be automatically controlled and tethered to the actions of the lead car so that individual drivers can hammer out e-mails or eat breakfast. Despite the project’s name, cars can exit at any time.

While the project,  sounds futuristic, all it requires are navigation systems that communicate with the lead vehicle and control acceleration and steering. The project’s lead agencies estimate that vehicles will begin testing in 2011 and say a full-scale rollout is likely within a decade.

"This type of autonomous driving actually doesn’t require any hocus-pocus technology, and no investment in infrastructure,” said Erik Coelingh of Volvo, one of the principal companies participating in the project. “Instead, the emphasis is on development and on adapting technology that is already in existence.”

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