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Most people are looking forward to Thanksgiving to see family and friends, eat, football and Black Friday shopping. All of that is well, but this year if you are into Karate / Kung-Fu / Ninja flicks like Kalik is, then you have to stop and take 2 hours and go see Ninja Assassin.

Growing up in the Bahamas, when I was a kid on Nassau we only had movie theatre, and no it didn't have 20 screens like the AMC and Muvico's stateside. It literally only had 1 screen. Big ups to Shirley Street Theatre and my friends aunt that would get us in free, and my uncle who owned a bar across the street that would give us sodas and chips to sneak in. Anyways, sometimes (often) they would get in Kung Fu movies so I grew up watching these and loving em. My favorite was a Scorpion style classic, and my boss at work "Mow" actually hooked me up and gave it to me last year.

Also spent many days watching Bruce Lee flicks by Duff's (Mr Steez - Bahamian rapper) house when I was a kid... Man I remember that Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joint... classic!

This year Ninja Assassin is being released stateside, it is an American made movie, not from the far east. Not sure on the plot but really I don't care. Some dude disobeys/dishonors his clan, and the clan is out to kill him and he's a one man army (ninja) taking them on. Simple, but hey it works.

Must see movie, this week...

(Trailer and a song from the soundtrack feat Raekwon, Murs and Xhibit)

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