My new favorite Sneaker site... SuperKIX

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Ever want a pair of shoes, don't know where to find an authentic site on the net. Tried Googling and got many bootleg China shops. Or found a store but hey, you're out of luck, they don't have your size. You grab your head and "Argghhh!" scream...

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's SUPERKIX to the rescue. This site browses a database of 40 of the top online resellers (Flight Club, The Holy Grail, Pick Your Shoes, Karmaloop etc.), you can search by name, style, men/women, size and price.

I just wasted an hour, looking for some rare shoes I thought I'd never find. Now I need to find a part-time job to buy said shoes. This site doesn't help with that.

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