A long shopping weekend...

| Posted in | Posted on Monday, November 30, 2009

I had family in town this weekend. Even with multiple computers and my cellphone, I couldn't get online much to blog, tweet, use facebook or browse the numerous forums & news sites I read. Will go back and see if I missed anything, that I find interesting.

What a long sale weekend it was, and the amount of driving I did, and walking around supercenters and malls were crazy. My brother came in from Nassau, Bahamas, to shop because everything there is way more expensive. It was good having my bro here for the weekend. My legs are killing me though, like back in high school after running track (I need a massage). I didn't get to watch "Ninja Assassin", so I will this week.

Also it's Cyber Monday today, so if you aren't done shopping (like myself). We will be browsing/shopping at work. I get to work at 10am today, and will be updating my Hustleman Deals throughout the day as I search for deals for myself.

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