Lil Wayne’s - “Tha Carter Documentary” Trailer

| Posted in | Posted on Friday, November 06, 2009

The official trailer for Lil Wayne’s upcoming “Tha Carter Documentary” which was filmed by QD3 Ent and drops on 17 November 2009. You can pre-order your copy from .

This is the infamous documentary that Lil Wayne was trying to stop from being released. Footage shows guns and drugs on his tour bus. If allowed to be used as evidence his court case would have ultimately failed. That is why he took a plea deal, and will be doing a short bid.

As a fan of Weezy, I hope he creates plenty of songs while away. If we recall when Tupac was released he had so many classic tracks & albums after his time served. Not saying I wish death upon Wayne, just saying I hope he uses that time to be creative.

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