Lil Wayne - The Carter Documentary (Full Movie)

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To watch: 1. Press Red > Play button in center of screen
2. Press Green > Play button in center of screen (if this pops up)

QD3's The Carter Documentary has been bootlegged. As a Lil Wayne fan, should I still go out and buy this? Not sure, even Wayne at the end of the doc being filmed didn't want it released becuase the "evidence" in the video of havinbg drugs and guns on the tour bus hurt his NY trial. Which ultimately lead to him pleading guilty and getting a 1 year bid. BUT on the other hand QDR worked hard and they should (as everyone should) get the fair money they deserve for making a quality piece of work. I will do what I have to do, it's up to you if you still buy it or not.

Roll up some kush, get ya drank, and watch the movie!

Edit - Megaupload only allowed 72mins of streaming, but you can download if you have a premium Megaupload account.

2nd Edit - I never saw a gun on the tour bus, either that scene was cut or it was a rumor. Great documentary.

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