Knowing is 1/2 the Battle!

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Every 4pm afterschool in the 80's, during the Regan Era. When USA was Good, and Russia was Evil, and during the "Say No To Drugs", us kids could enjoy violence on TV...

If you lived in the Islands like me, and watched it all fuzzy on Antenna (we didn't have satellite), you know that feeling you got when the theme song started...

Look at that picture below.

What ’80s TV cartoon lover wouldn’t want that set as he (or she, I suppose) ages sadly into nerdy middle age?

It’s everything that was good and right about after-school television during the Reagan era. It was good battling evil with weapons that never hit anybody and exploding vehicles that always ejected their passengers before they were harmed. Ahhh action, violence ... but hey nobody will die. < edit: I read the  GI Joe comic books and people were dieing in that..... oh boy! >

The G.I. Joe Complete Series DVD Set from Shout Factory hits stores on Nov. 11, though it’s available via pre-order online now. For just $145, you get 17 DVDs including all 95 episodes of the TV series. Special features include eight new retrospective featurettes, G.I. Joe’s original 1963 Toy Fair presentation, the “Knowing Is Half the Battle” PSAs, a printable episode script and a G.I. Joe dog-tag-style flash drive.

To top it off this won't leave you disappointed like the live action movie did (I fell asleep watching it), I will watch the DVD again to see if I missed anything.

Image courtesy Shout Factory

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