Is it Better to Be Mixed Race?

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Kalik is "mixed race", but raised black and goes by black (don't get it twisted), also my kids are mixed.. I found this 46-minute video interesting..

"Geneticist Aarathi Prasad considers the theory that mixed-race humans are blessed with innate advantages, something farmers recognise in plants and animals as hybrid vigour. This idea is regarded as repellent by both dingbat racists and, as Prasad discovers, by many mixed-race people who object to being defined by their skin colour.. Before 1967, it was illegal in 16 American states for a black person and white person to marry. Right wing groups on both sides of the Atlantic continue to espouse that the mixing of races is destructive and against some kind of natural order. Aarathi Prasad, a geneticist and mother of a mixed race child, sets out to challenge the ideas of racial purity and examines provocative claims that there are in fact biological advantages to being mixed race."

via WSHH

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