If Boosie was stressed over 1 year...

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How lil dude gone be now that he have to serve four? I always wonder why after a certain level of success in the industry. After "making it" and almost losing it how these rappers, just be willing to "keep it real" to end up with more jail time. The rapper, born Torrence Hatch, was to serve two-years of a ten-year suspended sentence and was placed on active supervised probation for his third offense on a marijuana possession charge.

The sentence was the result of an October 22, 2008 arrest that uncovered drugs and a gun in Baton Rogue.

If you didn't hear by now, Boosie at a sentencing hearing yesterday (November 9), Judge Moore double the original two-year sentence to four years,Either a curfew, or something relating to where he could be. His ankle bracelet gave the judge reason to add on the additional time.

Just a few weeks back on WSHH/Ozone a video was released of Boosie very stressed out, saying "N*** F*ck You. Suck my D*ck. Bitch Im The One Gotta Do This Time." that was when it was only 1-2 years. Now its double that...

My youngest son turned 4 this year. I couldn't imagine missing all that time away from society. I would tell him to keep his head up, but "Bad Azz" aint hearing that...
If you a true fan, send him some Charmin commissary you heard him.

Lil Boosie – End Of Time (feat. Bad Ass Ent.)

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