HDR photography has been introduced to the rap game...

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Will this be the new "thing to do" in the music videos? Remember when everyone was doing the Hype Williams style of filming? HDR is a post processing done to digital photographs. Here is an example of 35 examples of HDR done right.

Young Dro and Young LA team up on this song, (if you missed their mixtapes together like Black Boy / White Boy, you should give it a listen also). These 2 guys are the ones who have been holding Grand Hustle down while, CEO TI does his 1year bid. They both have that futuristic style, especially Young LA, but Young Dro is known more for his amazing wordplay with colors, so this video being released from this duo is almost expected.

HDR Filming - Young Dro Feat. Yung LA - “I Don’t Know Y’all”

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