The future will have no more singing in the fan...

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This if for all my Flawda and Bahamas peoples (or anyone that live in HOT climate really)

Dyson (known for there high-end vacuum cleaners) creates a new, futuristic styling fan. I'm sure everyone knows or has heard of someone that hurt their hand on a fan blade (whats up Woody!). Watch this, then imagine a slim one hanging as a ceiling fan "I love it". Even more awesome if they can mount lights in the ring. That would be some futuristic bedroom lighting... sends my requests to Dyson. Expects my royalty checks soon.

“There’s a motor in the bottom that powers a turbo-charged impeller,” Dyson told Kalik, when asked to explain how his latest creation works. “It’s essentially a 3-D fan that gives a good combination of flow and pressure.” According to James Dyson, the air this powerful little fan creates is pushed up into that round thing at the top — also known as the ‘loop amplifier’ — which splits the flow in two and pushes it through the loop and out a 1.3 millimeter (about .05 inches) slit, or annulus, all along the back. This process creates a jet stream that sucks in air from the back and sides, creating a very powerful and smooth flow of air to cool kids, dogs and rooms alike, with no danger of injury.”

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