Everybody likes swingers…

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Everybody likes swingers… Nope I don't mean husbands and wives that go out and swap partners for a night of fun.

I meant crazy dudes swinging thru jungles on vines like Tarzan, by a whip Indiana Jones, webs like Spidey... but one of my faves is a guy with a mechanical arm, and a big gun. Most gamers from the 80's played it Bionic Commando I still own my copy, it also was also the first game I "turned over" (Bahamian slang for beating a game), beat, completed or finished, whichever way you prefer to say it.

My bro just sent me a link to part 4 of the series, I think its part 4, does it matter? May buy a console again... been fending off my game addiction. Will tie a belt around my arm, and try swinging from a tree later... Better, I'll have my sons try.

Watch The Game Trailer:

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