Clipse feat. Cam'ron - "Popular Demand"

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Ok I'm back by popular demand to do a review on this video. Pusha T kills the 1st verse ... and he comes in hard and sets the tone for the song. Over heavy bass and with a killer hook this is going to get serious play.

Popular Demand is the latest video off of the new album coming from Malice and Pusha T, the bros that form the highly acclaimed gangsta rap group "The Clipse". The album is titled "Till the Casket Drops" and it will be dropping 12/8/09.

This will be the first album for "The Clipse" using other producers besides the Neptunes, so expect a variety of hard hitters. I don't expect much deviation from what they talk about "Drugs, women, cars, flossin, clothing.." but they deliver it in a way that you can't stop and marvel, rewind and be like damnnnnn.

What I find funny in a sense is GQ magazine is running an article this month about Wale, Drake and Kid Cudi. It's titled the "Gangsta Killers", and goes on to say they killed the gangsta persona in rap. I guess GQ didn't interview Malice and Pusha T for their viewpoints. These boys aint stopping "...from pushin a mountain of snowcaps / to avoidin the Kojak (courtroom) / the pioneer of the coke rap / Im dancing with the stars, stepping on blow doing the toe-tap / the dope returns like I had it on lojack / it made its way home like a roadmap..."

On Dec. 8 - Reup and get the new album from "The Clipse", gangsta rap aint going nowhere.

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