The Chopp Shopp - Slowed Down (Tampa Bay)...

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Every region has their style, down in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale they speed it up. In Texas they chop and screw it. In Tampa Bay, we slooowwww it down...

The Chopp Shopp in New Port Richey, north Tampa Bay area (Pasco officially, where I'm at) does the slowed down videos for the stunnas rocking the DVD in the whips. He mixes in other film to the extended tracks, it is very official.

Here's some songs, you may hate it... shit I did back in 96' when I first arrived. But after some nights when my mind was hazy, and hearing Makavelli slowed down, this shit grew on me. This is best for when you creeping or chilling.

Forever - Slowed

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