Bo Jackson's Air Trainer 34's (Minus the 34)...

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Bo Jackson Air Trainer SC Black/Grey are arriving this week in Footlockers around the country. Check your mall, and most likely you can grab a pair. These are a regular release not limited or anything.

I owned the original pair of these "The 34's" were on the back heel where the Nike is now. I had bought them in 7th grade (summer of 91 I think) and kept em in clean condition for 3-4 years. One of my homies borrowed em to wear to a party. The next day, bright and early his lil bro, wore my Bo's to mow the lawn. They got pretty messed up from wet grass staining them green. I never even took em back.. I just said keep em and was disgusted. I always missed them, so I am buying again.

Thanks Chris, for ruining my 1st pair of Nikes that I bought.

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