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This song is from a rapper based out of the Bahamas. He goes by the moniker Baigon. Baigon is derived from Baygon, a deadly insecticide that kills bugs (think Raid). I can only imagine that the name was selected because he kills all his competition, and like "Tony Montana" said "I bury those cockroaches!"

Growing up in the West Indies, you have to learn how to appreciate the free things. Coconut trees, and other exotic fruit trees growing wild. Or in America you ever seen a guy collecting scrap metal, bottles or cans to recycle. I'm sure we have all heard the best things in life are free. But what if you could make something from nothing, take the useless and make money, paper, dinero.

Baigon infused these concepts into a terrific track called  "Money On Da Ground!". In this rap, he shows how various persons of different means can make it. He calls himself "the tart-man" in the song, because he is a chef on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas, and is known for making treats from the coconuts that "fall to the ground".

Money On Da Ground - Audio Baigon - Money On Da Ground Edit by Baigon

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