4:45 in the morning w/ Makaveli....

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Just got off the side job, knocked it out in 2 1/2 hrs tonight. Can't sleep though, going to go in early for 6am at my "career" day job. So I can dip out early and buy them RESN Dunks.

So I'm browsing Datpiff.com looking for new mixtapes. Seen another Pac mixtape (same old songs / new beats), normally I skip most of these. Not because I hate Pac, dudes the greatest rapper ever, sorry BIG fans. Most mixtape DJ's make his stuff sound like garbage and I feel like they are desecrating a legend.

I hit play on the streaming player, I'm only on track 3 "Closest Roaddog" now (because I've repeated it like 4 times). Pac and Big Syke, takes me back to the "All Eyes On Me" album. A song where the DJ chopped 3 Pac verses into a finely tuned Westcoast gangsta rap, with Syke on 1 verse. This took me back and sounded new and fresh at the same time.

Pac is still the greatest, dude died young, imagine if he got 5 more years to craft his skill, imagine 15 more years (like Jay-Z)...

I don't know how the rest of the tape is, shit Soulja Boy is featured on one of the songs. But Track 3 is worth the listen...

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