3D Video on Skype / Tinychat / Ustream, with cheap webcams!

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Some geeks figured out a way to create 3D for online video chat rooms, or voip conversations with webcams. This is awesome to me, but I have that inner geek in me... Could also imagine some of the chicks in tinychat or people that do ustream videos, integrating this into their stuff, which would be cool.

via Wired.com - "The best hacks are often the simplest. FourEyes3D is one of these, and it takes a pair of standard webcams and uses them to make a stereo video, letting you beam your ugly mug in three glorious dimensions to anyone who can be convinced to watch.

Hook up the cams and the software (Mac-only) combines the two feeds into one stereoscopic image. The trickiest part is the actual positioning of the cameras, as the developer tells us: “The finicky part is mounting your matched pair of generic USB webcams 90 millimeters apart (the same distance apart as your own eyes).”

Best of all, you don’t need any fancy displays to view the 3D video. All you need is to send mom a pair of red/cyan specs and she can peek at your z-axis over your next iChat video call. This is because the stereo images from the cameras are converted to the old 1950s-style, headache-inducing anaglyph method I think this would be a lot of fun, especially on my weekly family Skype calls. Just whether it would be $30 worth of fun is another matter, but there is a demo available."

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