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I have been pestering my nearest skateshop "Westside" for awhile now about the RESN "Gucci" Nike Dunks. Today they released and I worked late til 6:30pm due to the wine from last night (can this Mon. get any worse). It was raining also on the way from the blow back from that Tropical Storm that is hitting the panhandle of Florida. I get home check my bookmarks, and realize the dunks are in...

I round my 2 boys up, hey its a skate shop, my sons will enjoy it. I think they close at 9pm. We arrive at 8:17pm... but in the window is the CLOSED sign (18 mins late). I hope I can get my size tomorrow.

For anyone that isn't following the release of these shoes. A few years back Nike released samples of a Gucci inspired colorway dunk with black denim, green and red leather. The sneaker was never released and samples (and bootleg Chinese versions) USED to go as high as $1,000 on Ebay, and reseller sites like "Flight Club". I guess Nike finally got clearance to release them. The only difference is the denim is neatly trimmed, unlike the sample that had rough edged denim.

A week ago I posted how you could design your own colorway on NikeID if you missed the DJ Clark Kent "Gucci" inspired dunks, or you didn't want to wait for these.

They actually cost less than the NikeID's (which are $135), they only cost $108 local. Honestly the value of these will only go up, if you keep em deadstock. ($250 already on ebay)

I already bought a Sneaktip shirt from DrJays, and a pair of Fully Laced laces and lace locks from Karmaloop. Use Karmaloop Repcode Kalik see sponsors in sidebar --->

Wish me luck.

RESN Dunks


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